Thursday, November 17, 2011

Social Unrest only the Start

We have high unemployment and now a 15 trillion dollar deficit  in America.

We have crony capitalism at its finest with MF's Corzine not going to jail eventhough he defrauded investors.

You have Solyndra getting a 500 million dollar loan because they are buddies with Obama then going BK.

You have execs of fannie mae and freddie mac recieving bonuses of 13 million dollars when their companies balance sheet is a disaster.

The crony capitalism compiled with a lousy economy will only breed more violence and more public outcry.

Printing money is only creating more debt and more inflation will enrage the middle class.

Instead of propping up industry the American government should have let industry fail. They created zombie banks and zombie industries. Japan did the same thing in the 1990's and their economy is in recession for the past twenty years.

To make things worse now you have Europe imploding due to high debts and a government hand out society. USA banks are exposed to the 9's and banks such as morgan stanley and bank of america are insolvent.

America be prepared for the worst. Learn how to use a handgun. Buy gold and silver. Hunker down prepare for the worst. Social unrest is only starting and going to get worse.