Thursday, November 17, 2011

Social Unrest only the Start

We have high unemployment and now a 15 trillion dollar deficit  in America.

We have crony capitalism at its finest with MF's Corzine not going to jail eventhough he defrauded investors.

You have Solyndra getting a 500 million dollar loan because they are buddies with Obama then going BK.

You have execs of fannie mae and freddie mac recieving bonuses of 13 million dollars when their companies balance sheet is a disaster.

The crony capitalism compiled with a lousy economy will only breed more violence and more public outcry.

Printing money is only creating more debt and more inflation will enrage the middle class.

Instead of propping up industry the American government should have let industry fail. They created zombie banks and zombie industries. Japan did the same thing in the 1990's and their economy is in recession for the past twenty years.

To make things worse now you have Europe imploding due to high debts and a government hand out society. USA banks are exposed to the 9's and banks such as morgan stanley and bank of america are insolvent.

America be prepared for the worst. Learn how to use a handgun. Buy gold and silver. Hunker down prepare for the worst. Social unrest is only starting and going to get worse.

Monday, October 31, 2011

MF True Euro Story

MF  is a funny company. It shows how a company can not commit fraud like national governments.

MF has a ton of Eurozone debt and of course Europe is BK so goes MF down. Finally a story with some reality too it.

With this news the Euro sold off. How interesting the news from the past three weeks creating huge short squeeze on nothing, but MF BK makes the Euro dropp.

Bank of Japan intervened in their currency. For some reason the yen is at a 3yr high against the dollar yet the Japanese debt to GDP ratio makes the USA look like a joke.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupy Wall St.

I think the issue with occupy Wall st is they are not conveying their message accuratley.

Companies like Solyndra get a 500 million dollar loan and a year later they are B.K. They get the loan because insiders are Obama's cronies.

Companies like AIG or Bank of America can make lousy business decisions and get bailed out, but man on street gets screwed.

Hank Paulson former CEO of Goldman Sachs bails out his buddies who made poor decisions and the little guy gets screwed.

Where is the middle class bailout?

Our national debt is 15 trillion dollars, up almost 50% since Obama took office and he has very little to show for it.

We need to pay for this shit! How will we pay who knows?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fraud Continies Joke Is on Me

I was a firm believer that Europe was doomed. That we would see the end of the Euro. That many countries would secede from the EU. I thought financial markets would be rattled and the Euro would plunge.

I was completly wrong. I am wrong because the powers that be are commited to the fraud. They refuse to realize their losses; would rather print money then default.

They would rather perpetuate the debt and the fraud to avert catastrophe in the short term. As long as the stock market and everything is going up who cares what the banks books looks like.

Who cares how much debt USA, Greece, Italy, Japan, or any other sovereign nation has. As long as we are printing money and not realizing our losses all is well.

The big joke is on me who thought common sense and reality would prevail. Maybe reality and common sense will prevail eventually, but I am unwilling to bet  on it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today End of Fraud

Is today the end of the fraud? The day Europe faces the music and this insane run up in stocks stops?

I hope so. Look how fast markets went up can you imagine what happens on way down with real news from Europe.

Friday, October 21, 2011

When Does Fraud End

European Banks are leveraged to the 9's. Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain are all bankrupt or on its way yet the Euro and stock market keep on going up.

This is a big scam. What is going on in Europe will make Lehman Bros look like a joke.

Anyone who is short and can stomach the losses will be rich in the end!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3pm fraud time

Im getting tired of this 3pm fraud time to prop up the market. One day its EU has 2 trillion to bailout one day its 200 billion.

Fact is they are broke. Its all a scam. This is lehman bros x 1000.

You think Germany and France will save the day? They have their own debt problems.