Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fraud Continies Joke Is on Me

I was a firm believer that Europe was doomed. That we would see the end of the Euro. That many countries would secede from the EU. I thought financial markets would be rattled and the Euro would plunge.

I was completly wrong. I am wrong because the powers that be are commited to the fraud. They refuse to realize their losses; would rather print money then default.

They would rather perpetuate the debt and the fraud to avert catastrophe in the short term. As long as the stock market and everything is going up who cares what the banks books looks like.

Who cares how much debt USA, Greece, Italy, Japan, or any other sovereign nation has. As long as we are printing money and not realizing our losses all is well.

The big joke is on me who thought common sense and reality would prevail. Maybe reality and common sense will prevail eventually, but I am unwilling to bet  on it.

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