Thursday, October 6, 2011

Markets dont make sense: Redcoats are coming

Markets are crazy (200) one second up 200 another second. Always the explanation is some sort of b.s. report out of Europe.

Way I see it is 2012-2013 is repeat of 08-09. The redcoats are coming.

Europe is essentially broke with the exception of a few countries.

America is broke too, but we for some reason can print our own money like crazy. 50% of households rely on government assistance and real unemployment is probably 20%. 1/6 are on food stamps.

China is slowing down because they cant grow at double digit rates every year and wages are going up as the economy grows driving manufacturing to lower wage countries.

2012-2013 will mean the Euro crashing and the S&P going near 09 lows.

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